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AI-Powered Personalized Recommendation Out Now!

July 12, 2024

At Boost Commerce, our mission is to enhance user engagement and continuously drive sales for our merchants. The Personalized Recommendation type is crafted to deliver a unique shopping experience by presenting products that resonate with each individual customer.

By understanding their behaviors and preferences using AI and machine learning, we can showcase items most likely to capture their interest and encourage repeat purchases, thus driving up conversion rates and fostering customer loyalty.

Start Personalization with a Seamless Setup Process

Personalized Recommendation is an exclusive feature for our Professional plan users. Once subscribed to a Professional package, you can create a personalized recommendation widget by navigating to the Recommendation feature in the menu. Choose Recommendation Widgets > Add new widget.

This 10th recommendation type is now available only on Product pages. Select the Product page when creating a new recommendation widget to access it.

Setting up Personalized Recommendations on your product page involves selecting AI-based personalization as the primary algorithm. You can also choose from secondary algorithms such as Bestsellers, Most Viewed, Newest Arrivals, AI-based Alternative Products, AI-based Complementary Products, or Frequently Bought Together as a backup in case of insufficient data for personalization.

The default widget name is “Personalized for you,” and it has a carousel layout. In the next step of the recommendation widget creation flow, you can customize the name and appearance. This flexibility ensures that the recommendations seamlessly integrate into your store’s layout and design.

Explore our Help article for a detailed step-by-step guide. Once you've completed the creation process, refer to this tutorial video to seamlessly embed the Personalized Recommendation widget into your theme.

From Traffic to Engaged Buyers: Best Practices for Personalization

Monitoring the performance of your Personalized Recommendation widget is crucial. Utilize our built-in Recommendation Analytics feature to gain insights into customer behavior and optimize your strategies accordingly. Make sure that you have granted the necessary view orders permission, as this is required for the proper functioning of key recommendation types, including Personalized Recommendation.

Regularly update your product data to ensure that your recommendations remain relevant and accurate. Staying on top of these updates will help maintain the effectiveness of the recommendations and keep your customers engaged.

Incorporating Personalized Recommendations into your e-commerce strategy can significantly enhance your customers' shopping experience, driving higher engagement and sales. Embrace this powerful feature today to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and elevate your sales performance.

Our new Personalized Recommendation harnesses advanced AI to provide shoppers with tailored product suggestions based on their unique website activities. By analyzing purchase history, clicks, and demographics, this recommendation widget ensures that each customer receives the most relevant product recommendations, ultimately boosting engagement, conversion rates, and customer loyalty for online businesses.
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